Clark Internet
Custom online process-management and do-it-yourself websites for personal and small business use. We specialize in non-profit and multi-lingual organizations. We've been doing this since 1994, based on our team's 80 years prior experience in computing, data management and multimedia communications.

Customer relations management
Our customer relations management (CRM) service supports customer service, field operations, scheduling and routing with robust, secure, customizable, database-driven tools under development and continuous use since 2008. We specialize in support for recycling and related industries. Learn More

Custom Websites
Build your site on SitemakerCMS℠, our flexible, database driven, content management and automated page-generation platform with do-it-yourself, on-the fly editing and updating, designed with non-profit organizations and small business in mind. Our simple editing system lets you Point, Click, Publish with little or no technical knowledge. It supports both open page design and preconfigured tools like blogs, image galleries, forms management, newsletters, bibliographies, directories, podcasts, video and more, all accomplished with simple forms, or by HTML/CSS as needed to expand design options. Technical support is available ad hoc or by service agreement. [Learn More!]

Community Networking
Your community, church, school, or business can use our social networking tools to improve communication while avoiding commercial "social networks" with their barrages of advertising and tracking. Our specialties include alumni associations and religious communities. This extension of our web publishing tools can be used to integrate your users into your website. [Learn More]

Network Farming
Our ClusterFarm℠ system is an online network for management of indoor (and potentially other) gardening networks. It tracks order-taking, cultivation, harvesting and distribution through regional networks of producers. (Coming in 2024.)


Blog/News Preview

Directory Upgrade Features Stored Searches
When a user executes a search in the Sitemaker directory tool on any hosted website, the system remembers the search terms, so if the user exits the page and returns later, a... Continues...
Clients Cut Atmospheric CO2 by Over 1 Billion Pounds
Using Clark Internet's "CIC" scheduling and routing tools, several US recycling firms have removed at least 1.154 billion pounds (577,000 tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2 from the... Continues...
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