Clark Internet
Analysis, Planning and Design
If you need a website as part of your marketing program, we can help. Just contact us using the Inquiries form, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. Choose a standard or individually designed site. You have no marketing program? We can help with that, too. Our senior staff has decades of experience working with education, government and industry.

Standard and Variable Designs

Your website can have almost any look and feel you choose. You can match the style of your site to your other publications.

Sites are initialized with gray and black type on a white background with web-standard colors for NEW and previously VISITED links.

First you will choose a general layout for your site. You can change the layout later. Several variations on each of the general layouts are available.

You can choose from several pre-defined themes (font-color-layout combinations) or freely change most style elements with the built-in tools and all elements with cascading styles. Depending on the service package you choose and the skills within your staff you can do it yourself or work with a consultant-designer.

Color Schemes

Our consultant will help you choose an appropriate color scheme, fonts, etc. Background imagery can easily be added and just as easily changed. Combined with your custom content, your site will look unique and reflect your purpose. The process adapts easily for sites devoted to business, politics, religion, education, etc..

Graphic showing many screen layouts and color schemes.
Full range of colors, fonts and layouts; choose a standard theme or build your own.
These simple examples are just placeholders. Our platform makes it easy to support almost any layout or color scheme. It is not necessary to be an expert in HTML/CSS to modify the site's look and feel. Ask the consultant to show you how it works.