Clark Internet Publishing
System Tools and Features
This page contains a partial list of features of our content management systems. Because the system is under continuous development some recently added features or aspects of existing features may not be listed. Beneath the feature lists you will find a link to available programs and budgeting information for using our tools in your business or organization.

When considering alternatives, remember that all the listed standard features are available upon setup without development time, and the professional features are normally available with just a parameter setting by our technical staff. You can begin creating and publishing content almost immediately. We do not offer "hosting" services; we enable your knowledge workers to share their skills with colleagues and clients without the barrier effect of a "webmaster" who can often become a gatekeeper. With our systems all content is managed by the users subject to rules you define, while we and the systems keep it moving on the 'net.

Standard Features

The content of your site can be managed using standard tools or custom-designed pages. In our system vocabulary, pages are those you lay out yourself using standard components that contain text, graphics, etc., while tools are pre-configured templates for frequently used data; they save enormous amounts of data management time compared to local programming of comparable features or the embedding of external services via "mashups" that may not have consistent look and feel.

The main advantages of our approach lie in the ease of adding features to your site and the degree of control provided to the user regarding integrating them operationally and visually into the site and choosing options for usage.

Individualized Home Page

You can use the home page to present information of your choice, e.g., display summary views of content from within the site, or freely mix the two approaches. You can also set one of the tool-based sections below as your home page (e.g., to configure the site primarily as a web log).

Rock Solid Navigation

Standardized navigation is a key strength of the system. Your readers will not see "page not found" unless you make an error trying to hand-code a link outside the automatic navigation. Most users never need to compose an internal web address manually. You may choose from several layouts for your table(s) of contents, which can appear horizontally across the top of your pages, vertically along the side (left by default), or in the footer area beneath your content. You may combine the various TOCs as needed. Your TOCs will be presented consistently throughout your site. You can also suppress the TOCs if you want to use more space on the page.

Search Engine Compatibility

The system provides for automatic insertion of meta data that search engines use to index sites around the world. You must participate by filling in key fields that describe your site; we do the rest.

Availability and Pricing

The tables below show available tools and features available on Standard and Professional sites. A plus sign indicates the item is included in the package at no charge. Where a fee ($) is indicated the item is not included with the standard package but is available with setup and monthly fees. Sites that experience exceptional storage and bandwidth requirements may also incur surcharges.

Design: Fast, Flexible, Functional

Your site is initialized using one of several pre-configured templates ranging from simple to complex. The layout (as at right) and color/font selections together a "theme." You can gradually "relax" the template and the theme to individualize the look and feel of the site using nearly all the CSS and graphical devices available in a custom site.

General purpose pages are available to display data not managed by Tools. Pages are assembled from components that contain specific types of data. Each page has a user-selected page template that maintains the position of the component(s) on the page. In conventional page markup these components would be known as block-level elements. Of course, our team can quickly configure a unique look and feel to match your organization's other communication media.

Standard Layout and Content Elements Standard Professional
Appearance: Select Standard Templates, Layouts, Themes + +
Appearance: Override Default Font, Color, Size... with CSS + +
Layout: Optional, Multiple Navigation Menus + +
Layout: Reposition Components with Click + +
Layout: Choose, Add Component with Click + +
Layout: Subtitle Components + +
Layout: Navigation Menus + +
Layout: Set width, padding, line breaks + +
Layout: Justify Block Elements (components) + +
Layout: Apply CSS Styles + +
Layout: Apply CSS Classes + +
Layout: Name for Jump Links + +
Layout: Container (Nested) Components + +
Layout: Automatic Storage of all Visual Components
No FTP or File/Folder Structuring Needed
+ +
Text: Type/Paste + +
Text: Apply BBcode + +
Text: Apply HTML + +
Text: Auto Line Breaks On/Off + +
Text: Supports Spelling Check (OS/browser dependent) + +
Text: Align/Justify + +
Graphic: HTML Upload and Auto-position + +
Graphic: Easy Replace/Delete + +
Graphic: Caption + +
Graphic: Full Support for ALT Tags + +
Graphic: Optional Auto-Thumbnail by Height, Width, Auto + +
Graphic: Automatic Larger View when Thumbnailed + +
Video: Store and Upload Flash, Mpeg... +
Video: Embed Flash, Mpeg..., Externally Sourced (YouTube, Hulu...) +
Podcast: Automatically manage series and episodes
(see Podcasting below)
Navigation: Automatic Table(s) of Contentes + +
Navigation: Site Map - Enhanced Search Engine Integration, Setup $
Navigation: Link - Click to Create + +
Navigation: Link - Type/Paste URL + +
Navigation: Link - Type/Paste Title + +
Navigation: Link - Type/Paste Synopsis/Description + +
Navigation: Link - Use Relative Link + +
Navigation: Link - Set New/Same Window + +
Navigation: Link - Preview in Edit Form + +
Navigation: Link - Combine/Replace Text/Icon as Label + +
Navigation: Link - HTML Upload of Icon + +
Navigation: Link - Multiple Optional Layouts for Icon/Text Combos + +
Navigation: Jump Links - Auto-create from Component Info + +
Navigation: Jump Links - Multiple Sets on Page + +
Navigation: Jump Links - Multiple Format and Layout Options + +
Navigation: Contact Info - Standard, Flexible, Custom Content & Layout + +

Standard Tools

The Standard Tool Set includes everything you need to publish a personal or small business website. To add a tool, you will simply click a link in the Toolbox, add your content, and activate a link in your table of contents.

Our Standard Tools are included with all sites. Premium Tools typically require more support from our staff and are provided at an increase in price commensurate with storage and traffic.

Web Log

Your web log lets you inform your readers of changes to the website, or it can serve as your ongoing commentary or news feature. In combination with the optional Article Manager you can turn your site into a comprehensive online version of a community or corporate newsletter, magazine or newspaper.

Tool: Web Log Standard Professional
General: Automated Preview on Home Page + +
Bloggers: User-specified Title + +
Bloggers: Choose Category + +
Bloggers: Type or paste text + +
Bloggers: Activate BBcode or HTML + +
Bloggers: Use Format, Linking Buttons + +
Bloggers: Type/paste Custom Link & Title + +
Bloggers: Set Link to Open New/Same Window + +
Bloggers: Paste/type URL for external graphic + +
Bloggers: Choose, Upload Graphic + +
Bloggers: Specify Graphic Position RE Text + +
Bloggers: Auto-thumbnail Graphic to Custom Size + +
Bloggers: Specify Graphic Position RE Text + +
Members: Comment on Articles + +
Members: Create Articles by Permission + +
Members: Personal blogs, setup $
Members: Personal blogs, monthly $
Administration: Retitle, Repurpose (e.g., as newsletter) + +
Administration: Categorize Posts + +
Administration: Editor-specified Categories + +
Administration: Sort Categories for Listings + +
Administration: Restrict Bloggers by User Type + +
Administration: Restrict Commenting by User Type + +
Administration: Set Default Post Status (draft, active...) + +
Administration: Editor Preface, Instructions + +
Administration: Administer as User + +
Administration: List Posts, Select for Inspection, Edit + +
Administration: Sort Selection List (name, creation, author...) + +
Administration: CSS control of fonts, sizes, colors... + +
End User Blogging with Editor Option to Aggregate to Main Blog (2008) +
Example (Content not provided or previewed by Clark IP.)

Forms Builder

Our standard forms builder is available to create forms (polls, questionnaires...) easily with all the data types supported in HTML forms. A standard contact form is available on all sites; additional forms may be added available on professional sites.

Tool: Contact Form (inquiry, poll, questionnaire...) Standard Professional
Spam Control + +
Question style flexibility + +
  • Short answers
  • + +
  • Scrollable text block
  • + +
  • Radio buttons
  • + +
  • Single popup (select) menus
  • + +
  • Multiple popup (select) menus
  • + +
  • Checkbox
  • + +
    Optionally required questions + +
    Notice to editor on message + +
    User-specified form title + +
    Optional welcome message + +
    Option to number questions + +
    Contact info precede or follow + +
    Selectable contact data elements + +
    Form layout controls + +
    Multiple forms, unlimited questions +
    Optional Results Database and Automated Replies
    (custom development required)


    We implement the venerable guestbook with full control over who can post, visibility of posts and anti-spam features.

    Tool: Guestbook Standard Professional
    Spam Control + +
    Activate, deactivate, delete + +
    Email notice on receipt + +
    Require activation + +
    Editor's message + +
    New Posts On/Off + +
    Allow/disallow URLs + +


    We employ iCalendar standards to let you publish and subscribe to multiple calendars. Create and edit events with our unique online form. Manage your calendar(s) on line or from your desktop.

    Tool: Calendar Standard Professional
    iCalendar Publish/Subscribe Compatible + +
    Display: User May Add Events + +
    Display: User-selectable View (coming, month) + +
    Display: Convenience Calendar, Current Month + +
    Display: Multiple Selectable (uploaded) Calendars + +
    Display: Jump to Month, Year + +
    Display: Subscribe/Download + +
    Display: Add Event (per settings) + +
    Display:CSS control of fonts, sizes, colors... + +
    Administration: Select Language of Calendar (in OS) + +
    Administration: Retitle + +
    Administration: Allow, deny, approve public/user event entry + +
    Administration: Notice to Editor of New Event + +
    Administration: Notification to Alternate Email + +
    Administration: Default Cal. View, Month or Next 20 + +
    Administration: User Specifiable Categories y/n, or None + +
    Administration: Set Default Category + +
    Administration: Set Calendar as Home Page + +
    Administration: Synoptic View Component for other Pages + +
    Administration: Configurable Welcome Message + +
    Administration: Configurable Empty Selection Message + +
    Administration: Upload iCalendar from Desktop + +
    Administration: Remove iCalendar Subscription + +
    Administration: List/Sort Events + +
    Administration: Edit/Delete from Edit Suite + +
    Administration: Collect/Edit Submitter Data + +
    Administration: Set Time with Popups, 1-min. increments + +
    Administration: Set Date with Popups + +
    Administration: Times, Dates + +
    Administration: Show/Hide Time of Day in Event + +
    Administration: Auto-set End Date + +
    Administration: Manage Recurrent Events (D,W,M,Y) + +
    Administration: Skip Intervals (e.g., bi-weekly) + +
    Administration: Set Distant End Date + +
    Administration: Collect Location, Sponsor, Email, URL + +
    Administration: Auto-link URL if present + +
    Example (Content not provided or previewed by Clark IP.)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tool: FAQ Standard Professional
    Display: Question with Short Answer, Link in Index + +
    Display: Answer Rating (2007) + +
    Display: Link to Feedback/More Help Form (2007) + +
    Display: CSS control of fonts, sizes... + +
    Display: "Suggestion box" coming in 2007 + +
    Administration: User-specified Title + +
    Administration: Welcome (description/instructions) Text + +
    Administration: Section Subtitling + +
    Administration: Flexible Item Labeling + +
    Administration: Optional Numbered Q&A Pairs + +
    Administration: Optional Sections with Roman/Arabic Numbering + +
    Administration: Optional Index Section + +
    Administration: Optional Jump-link Label to Expanded Answers + +
    Administration: Show/Hide Questions in Index + +
    Administration: Index Layout Options + +
    Administration: Section Label and Description + +
    Administration: Question Label and Description + +
    Administration: Short and Long Answers + +
    Administration: Format Qs with HTML and/or BBcode + +
    Administration: External Links from Questions + +
    Administration: Sort Questions by Title, Section... + +
    Administration: Multiple FAQs per site, setup $
    Administration: Multiple FAQs per site, monthly $


    Our image gallery is divisible into nestable albums. The number of albums and images is limited only by storage and bandwidth within package ranges.

    The Gallery can also be configured as a simple catalog and automatically enabled for sales using PayPal (PayPal account and manager access is required).

    Tool: Image Gallery Standard Professional
    Images: HTTP Upload + +
    Images: Title + +
    Images: Caption + +
    Images: Status: Hide/Show + +
    Images: Extended Description + +
    Images: HTML/BBcode in Description (2007) + +
    Images: Standard Descriptors (date, source...) + +
    Images: Automatic paging with Prev/Next + +
    Display: Searchable Contents (per setting) + +
    Display: Clickable Index, Title or Icon + +
    Administration: List/Sort Albums + +
    Administration: User-specified Gallery Title + +
    Administration: Welcome/Description Text + +
    Administration: Footer/Instructions + +
    Administration: Professional Photographer Options, Setup $
    Administration: User-specified Fields (req. Pro) +
    Administration: Vertical or Grid T/Contents + +
    Administration: Show Image Titles in Index + +
    Administration: Show Image Captions in Index + +
    Administration: Search Box On/Off + +
    Administration: New Pix First/Last + +
    Administration: Number/images per Index Page + +
    Administration: Number/columns on Index Page(s) + +
    Administration: Thumbnail View Options + +
    Administration: Index Thumbnail Size, Default + +
    Administration:Album: List/Sort Images + +
    Administration:Album: Status Show/Hide + +
    Administration:Album: Title + +
    Administration:Album: Description + +
    Administration:Album: Theme Image + +
    Administration:Album: Header Text + +
    Administration:Album: Footer Text + +
    Administration:Album: Override/Accept Gallery Layout Defaults + +
    Administration: CSS control of fonts, sizes, colors... + +
    Administration:Album: Bulk Upload Images (req. Pro) +
    Catalog: Setup, PayPal interface $
    Catalog: Monthly per 100 items $
    Example (Content not provided by Clark IP.)

    Professional Tools

    These advanced tools and components typically require more setup time, training and technical support. They are therefore either not available with standard sites or bear an extra cost. Those marked as Journalmaker only are used primarily by news sites.

    Member Management

    Social Networking; Professional Networking: The Member Management tool helps you build a network of users (participants, members...). This lets you require that a user sign in before accessing certain selected content. You can set permissions governing who may read, comment on, and modify information on the site without having access to the Editing Suite. Standard permission sets are predefined; custom sets can be quickly and inexpensivly built to order by our support team. Some of the features described below that list member options require that the Member Management tool be active, which requires upgrade to a premium site. Items labeled Members apply only if the main site supports the Member Management tool.

    Tool: Member Management Standard Professional
    Members: Profile Page with Graphic +
    Members: Personal Web Log +
    Members: Member to Member Messaging +
    Members: Personal Image Gallery +
    Members: Links and Favorites +
    Members: Create/Manage Friends +
    Members: Blog Public/private/friends +
    Members: Manage Profile +
    Members: Manage Password +
    Members: Preview Blog in Profile +
    Members: View Member List +
    Members: Set Access Group Permissions +
    Administration: Access Control (H,M,L by group) +
    Administration: Initial Settings Control
    e.g., public can join y/n; new member security level
    Administration: List Members (sort by name, status...) +
    Administration: Edit Member Record +
    Administration: Edit Member's Access Group, Password +
    Administration: Create Staff (Special Member) Record +
    Administration: Edit Staff (Special Member) Record +
    Administration: Create/Edit Member Biography) +
    Administration: Link Member to Roster +
    Administration: Link Member to Directory +
    Administration Setup & Training, $195 min. +
    User activity counts against general storage and bandwidth allocation.
    Example (Content not provided or previewed by Clark IP.)


    Publish your own "yellow pages" featuring your sponsors, your clients, etc. Optionally allow outside users to create and edit their own content. The full featured business directory has an optional "brochure" page for each listing that can serve as a small personal web site for sponsors or advertisers.

    Tool: Directory Standard Professional
    Directory: Owner-specified Categories +
    Directory: Automatic Indexing +
    Directory: Search: Name, place, category, keywords +
    Directory: Coupon display in index (option) +
    Directory: "Breadcrumb" navigation +
    Directory: Expanded editing options +
    Listings: Appearance upgrade option +
    Listings: Sponsor/patron badge option +
    Listings: Link to brochure page and contact form +
    Brochure: One-page web presence +
    Brochure: Privacy settings +
    Brochure: Link to external site +
    Brochure: Spam-fighting contact form +
    Brochure: Extended text and graphic (upgrade) +
    Brochure: Display a coupon (upgrade) +
    Brochure: Display an ad from external media (upgrade) +
    Listee: Editing access with password +
    Directory content and usage counts against general storage and bandwidth allocation.
    Example 1 Example 2 (Content not provided or previewed by Clark IP.)


    Make it easy for your readers to comment on issues affecting your site's purpose and content. (Requires Member Managment.)

    Tool: Forum (Bulletin Board) Standard Professional
    General: Automated Preview on Home Page +
    General: Optional Login Requirement +
    Members: Post Topics +
    Members: Comment on Posts +
    Member: Write to Author, Commentator +
    Members: Link Posts to URLs +
    Members: Rate Comments +
    Moderator: Monitor Activity +
    Moderator: Censor Post or Comment +
    Moderator: Flag User +
    Administrator: Create, Manage, Delete Forums +
    Example (Content not provided or previewed by Clark IP.)


    A podcast is a series of audio-video programs that can be downloaded to a computer or MP3 player, allowing the reader-listener to take your publication along for the ride. Our Podcast tool maintains all the AV files and descriptive materials and produces the necessary XHTML files for RSS feeds and indexing sites. To build a podcast or an episode, simple prepare your AV content and fill out a simple form.

    Tool: Podcasting Standard Professional
    Podcasts: Multiple Series Manager +
    Presentation: Home Page Preview Option +
    Presentation: User-configurable Podcast Page +
    Presentation: Series List +
    Presentation: Episode Lists +
    Presentation: Listen Live +
    Presentation: RSS Subscription Link +
    Presentation: iTunes™ Compatible +
    Administration:Series: Sort, Select from Series List by Title, Date... +
    Administration:Series: User-Specified Title +
    Administration:Series: User-specified Filename +
    Administration:Series: Standard (iTunes™) Categories (3) +
    Administration:Series: Descriptive Text +
    Administration:Series: Keywords +
    Administration:Series: Explicit Content Flag +
    Administration:Series: Language Code +
    Administration:Series: External Information Link +
    Administration:Series: Copyright Notice +
    Administration:Series: Author/Owner Name +
    Administration:Series: iTunes™ Ready +
    Administration:Series: Title and Keyword Search +
    Administration:Series: Theme Graphic with auto-Thumbnail +
    Administration:Episodes: User-specified Title +
    Administration:Episodes: Descriptive Text +
    Administration:Episodes: Author Name +
    Administration:Episodes: Status Active/Inactive (draft) +
    Administration:Episodes: Staff Owner/Editor (2007) +
    Administration:Episodes: Date Published +
    Administration:Episodes: Link to External Info +
    Podcast audio-video transmission counts against general storage and bandwidth allocation.
    Example (Content not provided or previewed by Clark IP.)


    The Roster provides additional services to Members and functions in lieu of or in combination with a desktop contact manager for your organization. Useful for churches, schools, social organizations and other personnel management purposes. Coming in 2008.

    Tool: Roster Standard Professional
    Person: Personal Data, many status variables and preferences +
    Person: Multiple Roles +
    Person: Individual and Group Security Settings +
    Person: Credentials +
    Person: History, Activity Tracking +
    Person: Relationships - Interconnect work roles, family, next/kin, groups... +
    Person: User-manageable Profile +
    Person: Individual and Group Security Settings +
    Contacts: Multiple Addresses per Person +
    Contacts: Multiple Telephones per Person +
    Contacts: Multiple Emails Addresses per Person +
    Contacts: Multiple Instant Message Addresses per Person +
    Contacts: Set Preferred Address, Phone, Email, IM +
    Badges: Custom Group/Activity Icons +
    Administration: Setup & Training $
    Administration: Monthly Service $
    Customization: Add Relationships to Jobs, Functions... $
    Roster content and usage counts against general storage and bandwidth allocation.

    The News Package

    The News Management package - also known as Journalmaker™ - requires special setup and training for management of a comprehensive news or magazine site. It typically includes the full complement of tools and components plus our Article Manager. (Requires Professional Package.)

    News Package Standard Professional
    Layout: All features of the page composition system above. +
    Tools: Complements other tools above. +
    Article Manager (Organizes articles by edition, author, section, type, rankings...) +
    Article Lists (Displays categorized articles by edition, section, type, rankings...) +
    Editions: Organize articles by date, theme, more - user configurable +
    Topics: Organize articles by topic - user configurable +
    Types: Organize articles by type - user definable +
    Ranks: Organize articles by ranks 1-10, 10-1 - user definable +
    Author Manager: Profile and Article Collections, By-lines... +
    Administration: Setup & Training $
    Administration: Monthly Service $

    The Enterprise Package

    The Enterprise Option allows creation of subordinate client-member-constituent sites under the same domain. Available with Professional or News (Journalmaker) service.