Clark Internet
Web Mail

Service Overview

Clark IP offers basic webmail (AKA Squirrel Mail) at a small fee as a courtesy to customers whose domains are registered with us and who request the service. It is NOT a substitute for a full-service ISP relationship and does not typically support users with a need for high-volume email. The purpose of the Clark IP email service is to allow you to control the use of your own domain without paying high support fees or learning the ins and outs of email technology. Clark IP manages DNS service and "MX records" for you and causes mail to be directed either to our server or to another.

Only POP (POP3) accounts are supported for most domains; other protocols are available at higher fees. We recommend the use of a standard email program, with Webmail as a travel backup only. Message retrieved by an external POP client are deleted from the server after download and reside thereafter on your own computer only.


Each domain and each user has a quota, and each user's online storage counts against the domain quota. The total of the user quotas may exceed the domain quota. Thus a heavy user may actually use more resources than other users. The domain administrator is responsible for load balancing among users. Clark IP accounts are intended for support of our business clients. Individual users who misuse the service may cause problems for their colleagues. "Misuse" includes signing up for "free stuff" on the Internet that results in receipt of bulk mail that fills up your mailbox. A service fee applies if we must intervene to clear a mailbox that is over quota.


The domain administrator is nominated by the domain owner. Clark IP may serve as the administrator, in which case actions taken to manage the mailboxes within a domain are billable events. If a client nominee is the administrator, then actions in support of that administrator are billable events.


  • Folders - Online storage is not permitted.
  • Options:
    • Trash - All messages are deleted after download.
    • Spam Filters - Server has spam filters; SqMail filters are disabled.
    • POP3 Fetch Mail - Does not collect mail from other servers.

  • Fetch (see POP3 Fetch mail above).


These features may not be the same as other mail services.

  • Sent Mail Folder - Online storage counts against your total domain quota.


If you need more capacity for your domain or for (some of) its individual users, we recommend the use of an alternate mailbox. Examples are Yahoo and Gmail, where anyone can obtain vast amounts of disk storage. All you need to do is to set up Send-As and Reply-To virtual accounts at the alternate address. When you have done so, all mail in and out of the alternate mailbox can optionally carry your business domain address. The advantage of this approach is that your mail is centralized yet retains the multiple identities under which you conduct your business. If you need help setting up this method, Clark IP will help you at our usual hourly general service rate.

For other services ask your Clark Internet representative.


How do I check my mail?
Go to
You will be asked for a login ID and a password.
  • your login ID is your email address, with a period where the @-sign normally appears
  • your password was assigned when you set up your email address; we cannot retrieve your password, we can only change it; a fee may apply to change passwords
Once logged in click INBOX if the mail list does not appear.
What should I do on my first visit?
Click Options, then Personal Information.
Type your name and your email address into the respective boxes.
Important: Also type your Reply-To address. It must be present for the system to work correctly. You can have replies come to a different address.
Other settings may be left for another visit.
Save the form.
How do I compose mail?
Interestingly enough, you click Compose.
Now write and send your message.
How much mail can I store on the server?
The amount is established by agreement at the time a domain is established on the system; the default is 20 megabytes. Other volumes are available; ask your representative for program details.
How do I change my password?
To change your password
  1. sign into your webmail account.
  2. go to Options, then to Change Password.
  3. type your current password and then your new one twice
  4. click Submit.
  5. the change will be effective immediately.