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Clark IP's management team and specialists have several decades of experience in communication services required by business, education, government, and non-profit organizations. Our skills include general web design, database management, cross-platform integration and multi-cultural systems design and planning. Our fees are modest and negotiable, and many consulting fees are applicable in whole or in part to services ordered from us within a reasonable period after the consulting service is completed.

If you need a website right now, consider our Quick Start package.

To plan for custom development you can plan and estimate with our budgeting page.

Web Applications

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View of custom web application shows summary report of activity.
We are currently engaged in a variety of web application projects that enable businesses and other organizations with dispersed locations to manage their activities over the Web in lieu of traditional desktop programs.

We can manage diverse aspects of such projects including networking, software selection, system analysis and design and code development. Our typical platform is Linux, MySQL, PHP.

Watch the News for information on some of these projects as they come to fruition and as our clients permit us to discuss them.

Websites and Content Management Systems

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Although we can make a "website" as a stand-alone service, we believe that an overarching plan for online content management is a better foundation for your Internet presence. At Clark IP all content management starts with a Quick Start Program that grows as needed. Our Quick Start Package is designed to get new sites up and available quickly. We can often have a full-featured site running in hours, the same day, or in just a few days, depending on your needs. We do this by prototyping your site on our proven platforms. First we make it work; then we make it pretty.

Users with larger requirements can build on their QSP sites using our robust content management systems or custom web applications to maintain, edit and publish web based data without a technical staff. No new hardware, software or personnel are required. [Features] [Budgeting] [Examples]

We can also develop a custom system to your precise requirements. We specialize in CMS sites based on MySQL, PHP, and contemporary HTML/CSS/XML as needed. Our primary hosting environment is Linux-based. We test sites for compatibility with major current browsers.

Article Manager Simplifies Publicity, Training

Reduce Spam - Avoid Publicizing your Address
Don't post your address on websites. Make use of indirect contact methods.
Reduce Spam with Better Headers
Put your mailing list into the BCC field of your email program, avoid putting lists into TO or CC fields.
Why Should You Choose Clark IP?
If you need data integrity, ease of use and hands-on support at low overall cost, Clark Internet Publishing and its Sitemaker and Journalmaker™ systems are a good choice.
'Free WWW Hosting' - Similar to Free Lunch
Get'cher red hot free web hosting. No waiting; immediate seating. Pie in the sky.
The Sitemaker Business Directory
Use a directory to publish attributes and contact data for businesses and organizations.
Consulting Services Complement Web Development for CIP Clients
Clark IP's clients are requiring more general communications planning as part of their web design. Clark IP is able to focus decades of general communications and planning background on this need.
New Clients
Natasha Friend, novelist; Mount Zion Baptist Church; Maxine Mimms Academies...

How's Your English?

We can review your website's content for and marketing savvy in an American English context. Frequently websites have content that is translated rather than interpreted; the difference is critical to present your message effectively. Hyperbole or understatement can be equally meaningless. We can also review navigation and design. Trendy diction can make your site obsolete tomorrow, while archaic, classroom language can render it obsolete today.

Reasonable rates by page or by site apply to all projects. We can review once or on a continuing basis when your site is updated.



If you need consultation on integrating your print, audio-video and Web-based communications, or if you would like to have us evaluate proposals by other providers at low cost with no obligation, please contact us to discuss your goals and requirements.

You can save time in the planning of your site with our preliminary site planning survey. Let us analyze your requirements and present you with a preliminary plan for development of your site. It's all done by means of online questionnaires. The fee is applicable to any purchase you complete within thirty days of our report. Just submit the general planning questionnaire provided with the service. Be sure to tell us if there are departments to be examined. Send your department heads to the departmental questionnaire. Need a more comprehensive evaluation? On-site requirements surveys are available.

Our preliminary surveys (following links) assist us to understand your online content management and Web service needs. The general inquiry is for the responsible party, who may direct subordinates to the departmental form if needed.

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